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I chose the shoots for this years nationals purely on a financial basis. 2 double headers and 2 singles as close to my home as possible.
I want to do the Quarry as well (have done since 03) but it's all down to money but I think my family & I will make a weeks holiday from that shoot this year.
If we had an extra double header I might be able to do more than 6 shoots a year.
I love this sport & the banter that goes with it. I have met a lot of people over the years & had a lot of fun, most of this fun has been whilst camping which seems to be dying out a bit since I was last doing the nationals in 2004/5.
Whatever the outcome, I'll be back next year.

ATB, Steve.
.177 S400, Hawke SR6 3-12x44 AO,
.177 HW100KS.

Team Tawd.
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