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OK went to the range this morning and zero'd the scope @35 yds while in the FT sitting position and proceded to shoot from 8 to 55 yards, pic of the results are below. The outer circle in 40mm the inner 20mm.

Had a couple of wayward shot at 25 yds and around 30-35 yds I must have been getting tired wallking up and down moving the target as when i took a rest I improved at 40yds after realising the misses were down to not having the rifle in the vertical (canting I think its called). 50 yds was OK although a bit scattered, distance does emphasise your errors and 55yds shot ont he 60 target for some reason were a bit high, after checking the holdover later in the morning I did adjust.

I later went back to 35yds and had a group of 10 shots with in 40mm.

I also tried kneeling and standing and the accuracy remained which I was very thankfull for.

I have only shot this rifle about 5 times since I bought it, and this is the 3rd time with this new scope and as I haven't shot for a long while I am very happy with my results.

Just need to practice now.

Comments please.

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