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seriously don't think the scope even comes into it as I tested the pellets with three different rifle and scope combos, early in the day there was no wind at all leaves were falling vertically and I was shoooting off two bags on an L shaped bench, during this period I saw extremely good groups in all rifles, the HW100 did a ten shot group at 55yds 11mm accross, which impressed the hell out of me!

later on the wind picked up considerably and came from left to right, using the same settings and fill pressure the groups opened laterally as you would expect up to 45 yards and was reasonably consistent, however out at 50 and 55 yards they went to pot dropping and lifting and spreading over a two inch variation from the groups set at 45 yds.

I can only put this down to the energy levels dropping off further out, I did mean to take the chrono down and do FPS checks at 40 to 55 yds to see what they are dropping to and compare that to the Exact and Mossie, might shine some light on the subject!
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