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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Another thing.

I was told earlier this year by NSRA that to attend a club instructor course for Light Sporting Rifle I would need to have individual NSRA membership and an RCO qualification.

I was told two days ago by NSRA that all club instructor courses regardless of discipline were brought into common line in 2010 after the BFTA stopped selling insurance.

Now we hear that this isn't actually the case, you can do the FT club instructor course without needing an RCO qualification, and Rob has edited that out.

So are they in line on a common foundation or not?

And another thing...

The insurance tag is a red herring. If you hold a club instructor ticket it no more makes you into an instructor for your club than holding a driving licence makes you a chauffeur. Anyone who has the CI ticket but is not appointed by their club as an instructor doesn't actually need any special insurance, thank you. The insurance is only a factor once they are appointed, so it's an issue for the club to handle, not the individual. Paid cover for activities that you don't actually indulge in is a waste of money, or a con.

And another thing . .

If it sounds like I am pretty darn fuming over all this, well you read it right.
Rich, the mention of the RCO ticket was a mistake when that release was issued. I am not sure if it applies to other disciplines, that point does need to be made clear.

But I am afraid you do need insurance. If a person is deemed to be instructing/coaching someone and by that instruction suffers an injury or loss, then the club is not insured under the NSRA scheme. Only the instructor/coach is. The definition of instruction/coaching i am told is if it's an adhoc or organised and/or if it directly utilises the qualification. Ie "go and have a word with Rich and he'll help you out" is different from "go and have a word with Rich, he's a club instructor". If the club has therefore been placed as being responsible, then it could be problematic if there is a problem and there is no insurance.

For me I don't like it because it was all covered by club insurance before, and I think the NSRA should not accept people on the courses if they aren't members. As you know, I only found out about it well after the course dates and everything was set. Something around a week or so before the course when querying the difference in pricing for the NSRA admin, which you raised as a sudden increase over what was mentioned before.

I am hoping the certificate of competence qualifies the person without the need for membership. The insurance question still remains unfortunately.

I have looked into the NRA cover, which says it's recognises other NGB's coaches/instructors and will insure them. However the NSRA don't deem you to be qualified as such unless you are a member.

It's the rail roading into being an NSRA full member for the lifeftime of the qualification that I am also not happy about, and the fact that really this rather large issue seems to be news for so many people, and ultimately affects clubs' behaviour, and undoes probably a large amount of qualifications. This is not news though to the NSRA.
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