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Frankly it's a disgraceful way for the NSRA to behave.

My club has three very active and well known shots who have taken the club instructor course and between us we teach about a dozen teenage lads every Wednesday.

Overnight we have been stripped of our status, me because my CRB was obtained via a third party - although it was obtained specifically for me to teach young persons to shoot at my club, and ACCEPTED when I renewed my licence - and the other two instructors because they had BFTA numbers when they took the course and qualified, and a BFTA number is no longer good enough, they too have to stump up 70 quid a year for NSRA membership to carry on giving away freely their expertise.

If I had a criminal record, it's the same record whether the organisation enquiring is the NSRA or another body, so why my CRB cannot be accepted I do not know.

This really is a fine way to introduce new members to the sport, and I publicly call upon the NSRA to reflect that their policy is actually flawed, let alone the disgraceful fact that those who have lawfully and at their own expense achieved this qualification through BFTA are only going to find out that it has been taken away if they either read the NSRA magazine or go and look on the NSRA website, neither of which is likely to happen if they are not already NSRA members.
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