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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Right !

I am now confused by the whole can we go can't we go debate ?

Right let me make this as simple as possible !

I would like to go & shoot the Worlds in Norway ?

As an English shooter do i have to qualify based upon this Team format for the Worlds i.e. finishing position in GP series ?

As the England team is by far the hardest team to get a place in & being very realistic i won't be in that team ! If this is the case can i still go ? as with previous years this always was banded about but i still went ?

Again i'm porbably covering old ground here but isn't the World Championships based around a World Champion i.e. an individual shooting 150 lumps of lead at some tin chickens to become World Champion?

Why does it seem that this has turned into a team exercise ?

All i want to do is go away with my mates , have a laugh , shoot to the best of my ability , knock as many tin chickens over as possible & most of all enjoy it while i'm there.

I have to book holidays in advance like the majority so it would be nice to have a difinative answer on whether Yes i can go as an independant shooter or No i can't go due to not being in a team ?

Sorry for acting a bit thick but posts do just get drawn out & over complicated & more so when people place their views , again rightly or wrongly but have no intenetion of going ?


Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I'm fairly confident that the EFTA's position is that the event should retain it's open feel. Once I have a reply from NFTAC and have chatted with Mick then we'll post the info and I'll start sky writing for people to let me know their intentions.

In Italy we block booked 25 places, which gave the organisers the idea of our numbers, and us enough slack time to take names and sort a team out later from those names. That seemed to work well, and we were able to squeeze a few names in before it totally filled up.

We'll have to work out a new team selection criteria as well, as we will be shooting earlier in the year, but if we can get the block booking sorted again then it allows people to make arrangements without worrying about being a team shot. 'We' want to go as well, and as I'm going boink again there's two that will unlikely be getting capped for starters.

I'm on it
Any news on whether we can actually go or not as yet ?

Just though i'd ask ?
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