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Originally Posted by Steve Hughes View Post
The double headers make it financially viable to stage the event.

I do hope this statement was made "tongue in cheek" because I for one as Tawd member don,t really give a monkeys about the financial statement at the end of the shoot, Great if we make a couple of bob so be it.
For most competitors it,s about as already stated the fuel and overnight costs, ultimately what EVERYONE considers. Personally I like em!!

My own thought,s..........
It,s the long week of banter setting the course with other members, Twisted grins on there faces as they make for whicked targets, The excitement of finding out who your shooting withon the day. The end of the sessions listening to the comments good or bad...The pats on the back for setting a cracking course, the tales of woe on missed targets. Meeting new /old friends and the **** taking, KNowing some of the shooters are going home happy in the knowledge they had a really good shoot.

Double headers do make it a little more income for the club....But the be all and end all is the statement ...."What a cracking shoot that club put on "

Just my honest opinion and not meant to offend anyone, Cheers Geoff [woki on tawd vale site]
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