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I think before this goes on and on, it's reasonable to highlight the shooter/s or their position so it's quite clear what you are unhappy about.

I have been in this game for a decent number of years and I cannot think of a sport that has better, fairer and more sporting people. I am pretty sure none of the shooters would take offence or get upset if a comment was made sensibly and with due reason, it seems the best way to enforce rules is to point them out (preferably at the time).

Again, knowing the people I shoot alongside for many years I think it's fair to say they are not interested in cheating in the slightest. From the pictures from Harriers, I am not sure which is causing concern - I presume its the kneelers you are referring to.

From the top we have

Chris (me)
Not sure what is wrong with that. I can say I was not sat on the cushion, it was rolled under my ankle. However it is a large bag so it may look as though it is supporting my leg more. Happy to take any criticism without spitting my dummy out.

Classic position. From the angle of the photo the hamster does look close to the arm but carl is too old in the tooth to be bothered to get an extra illegal point for a target, he is a better man than that.

Big cushion for sure, but again not a man to break the rules in any situation on purpose.

Nothing wrong in my opinion with his position at all. All clear of the arm and the wrist is very clear of the knee.

Again, text book position I'd say. Wrist clearly high off the knee.

As per Tony really, again bag rolled under the ankle, wrist not supported at all.

I trust none of the above will mind my comments, but it's difficult to correct a fault, genuine mistake or concern if it's not clear what needs correcting.

Many thanks

Castle FTC
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