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Default clear rules

If the bag goes then it goes,but do not think carrying to much kit arround at nelson this year would have been much fun.
At the end of the day all sport's have rules and most sports have ref's to make sure the rule's are followed.
My choosen sport of field target seem's very gentlemanly and as a result of this people take advantage of good nature.
If on lane 1 of a GP you turned arround to your shooting partner and told him you were going to give him two misses cause in your opinion he cheated,I'm sure your 2 minute's for two target's would get very short after that.
If the rule's were very simple to understand then there would be no excuse.
Even make a point of a demontration in the briefing,.
I do feel that the marshall's should be on the lane's and make sure the rule's are stuck to.
Who want's to come second to people not doing thing's as they should be done.
My goal is to get to AA standard but i still like to look at who i beat on the way,and if i come second to a person that is bending the rules well that's a bitter pill to swollow.
We seem to be triing to make the coarses harder,why not make sure people are doing it properly in the first place?

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