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I do quite like the way Castle have handled this in the way it's been semi pre booked / advertised.

It is difficult to judge attendance numbers as some shoots are more popular that others, last year i turned up at Ponty for a NEFTA W/L at 08:45 for the 2nd session (plenty of time you would think ?) & was told 2nd session was full & i was in the 3rd session which would kick off around 1:30 - 2pm ? I saw my arse & didn't stay but had i known it was to run into a 3rd session i would have turned up at 12:30 ish , so the more info you can put out there the better.

But you can potentially turn up at some of the more remote shoots like Hull or Manion Park & 2nd session will be half full & this is probably the same in most regions ?

So in my opinon ( for what it's worth ) the semi pre booking is a good idea BUT you still may get people not turning up like some of the GP's ?

Shot gun starts are good , even without clocks they flow pretty well.
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