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NEFTA W/L shoots normally attract between 70 and 100+ shooters depending on the club hosting the round (not many shooters from outside the region travel to the distant clubs)

The norm is 2 sessions but there have been a couple of 3 session shoots but they are rare.

We have 3 shooters to a lane and can have a 1A and 1B if really busy so can get 51 shooters in a round.

Round 1 kicks off at 9am unless it is fully booked early on then we will try to start the session 15 to 20 minutes early if possible.

Second session normally kicks off around 2.5 hours later (following the first session and respraying the targets)

People who want to shoot the first session normally arrive between 7-15am and 8am. There is always a chance that the sesdion could be full but I don't think this happens very often.

We used to shoot by queuing at lane one many years ago but adopted the shotgun system as it solved quite a few issues:
1 - removes the problem of the first group going round having clean targets on every lane and always seeing their his / misses.
2 - Queing in the rain.
3 - New shooters not having partners and struggling to find someone to shoot with.

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