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I personally wouldn't fancy turning up at 8am only to be told I couldn't shoot until 2.30pm because the first two sessions were full.
We shot several rounds in seriously sub zero temperatures (Millride was -9 as I remember) last winter, so a five or six hour wait in those conditions apart from being unpleasant, I think defeats the object, which is to cut waiting times.
It would be interesting to know if the NEFTA experience is that shotgun starts reduce waiting times?
How many shooters attend the average NEFTA WL?
How many sessions does the average NEFTA WL shoot run to, two, three or more?
Do you struggle to get the targets in before it gets dark, bring them in after dark or do you leave them out permanently as I know a small number of clubs in the midlands do?
Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
Why would you need to pre-book for a shotgun start?
You might need to shoot 2 sessions depending on the number of shooters, but up to 3 a lane with a shotgun start would see the first 45+ depending on number of lanes straight off. 2nd session straight afterwards once targets repainted.

Lanes allocated on booking in shouldn't take longer booking in than booking in normally.
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