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Originally Posted by Suzukiphil View Post
I agree with Shaun and John on this, The idea of jumping on halfway down the course would not have reduced waiting times on Sunday as there were two waves of shooters turning up for a pretty good turnout of 80+.
It may well be that shotgun starts are seen as the way to go but it will stop people shooting with their mates and require much more time and thought to administrate, pre booking etc so at the moment simple is best, if you don't want to hang around you'll just have to get there early and try to get your gun bag down in front of Bobby.
Why would you need to pre-book for a shotgun start?
You might need to shoot 2 sessions depending on the number of shooters, but up to 3 a lane with a shotgun start would see the first 45+ depending on number of lanes straight off. 2nd session straight afterwards once targets repainted.

Lanes allocated on booking in shouldn't take longer booking in than booking in normally.
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