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Will we be using stop watches to speed things up?
If so will it be 2 minute's as normal?

The issue of stop watches was discussed at the recent MFTA meeting and it was agreed that there is no intention to use stop watches at Winter League events.

It is the shooters duty to be reasonable in getting the shots off. If queues are formed, Marshalls have a duty to bring it to the attention of the shooters concerned. Marshalls are expected to monitor the flow of the event and to speak to any shooters who are taking too long and ask them to speed up in consideration of others.

Lets not forget we are all there to enjoy ourselves and nobody likes queing so its up to all of us to play are part. There is of course nothing to prevent you using a clock as practice for the bigger events, but that has to be personal preference.

I hope that helps.

Val S
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