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Default Accuracy Problems - Need help


Hope I can get some pointers to help ease my frustrations!

I have a HW97 .22 and a newly fitted BSA Contender 6-24x40 IR scope.

I took the rifle up the range today and zero'd the scope to 35 yds and then moved the targets to get the mildot holdovers from 8 to 55 yds.

I then placed targets from 8 to 55 yds to test the holdovers and all was satisfactory; I was shooting off a small table I had taken with me to aid accuracy, there was a bit of wind but light, as the shots were consistent from 8 to 55 and the wind variable I was happy with my results. All shots were within the 20mm center of the targets at all ranges, from 30 to 8 yds it was pellet on pellet.

I then discarded the table and chair and began to shoot off my shooting seat FT style (barrel resting on the hand on the knee) and all shots were falling 25mm right of centre (pellet on pellet off centre at 35 yds), I then changed to a folded arm style (the barrel resting on the bent elbow that is resting on the knee, hope you know what i mean) and the shots were erratic approx 10-20 mm left, right, up and down of centre.

I then adopted a hunting stance ( with elbow resting on the knee and barrel in the up turned hand. hope you follow) and this produced greatest accurace of the 3 stances. I confirmed the accuracy back on the table so the scope and rifle seem to be performing as expected.

Any Idea why the first two styles produced such a consistent error? I can only think - Parallax error or I'm not holding the rifle firm enough and recoil is moving the point of impact.

I did clean the barrel before zeroing the scope, but I must have shot 150-200 pellets through it today so it should have settled down.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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