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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Hi Ray,

Your points have already been covered earlier but here goes again

The UKAHFT rule about no support forward of the wrist is a description of the standard kneeling position & deals with the position of the hand in relation to the knee a shot with no support available, it is purely talking about what parts of the body may be used to support the rifle, in other words it stops the shooter resting the back of the hand on the kneecap.

For a supported kneeler this position must be adhered to, so you cant rest the back of your hand on the knee, you may however utilise any support that is within reach of the peg & that includes the peg itself.

We could quite easily re-write the rules to cover every little aspect of the event but we'd soon have a rule book about an inch thick, the easiest way if it really upsets anyone is not to set courses out with pegs tall enough to lean on for supported shots

It should also be pointed out that the signage should say "kneeling or standing", there is no requirement to specify "unsupported" or "supported"

Maybe it would be easier all round if the unsupported peg said unsupported?
Then perhaps this thread wouldn't exist as there would be a clear infringement
if it were "pickled" - (funny old term, that )
I agree on tighter policing of the unorthodox kneeler ie squatting on both
heels should be a no-no
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