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No Pete, nor can I. It used to be that only coaches needed a CRB, but now it's instructors as well. On the last course I ran the CRB was included, but the additional sting of the membership which I found out about days before didn't make life easier.

It seems to be the insurance that's driving it. But without another supplier in the market, it's difficult to see what the alternatives are.

Membership i seem to remember is 1/2 price for the 1st year, but if you need the 25 CRB as well then you are looking at a 60 chunk. Granted it gives you kit insurance as well, and even then it's damned good value for money for a two day course... but for those that just renew and perhaps don't instruct/coach a lot, it's not much incentive to keep your badge.

I would have liked something aimed more at the club, or even the NSRA themselves. I think it's a stretch to ask what are normally volunteers to give up their time (which people don't begrudge at all) and then to ask them to pay for their cover and qualification. Coaching/instruction is largely done as a benefit to the sport, and so I think the whole sport should carry it. If coaches/instructors turn professional and charge for it, that's a different matter.

Dave knows my feelings on the matter, as does Ali about the way the insurance works for the NSRA. I really don't think it's acceptable for the policy wording document not to be circulated when changes like this have happened and the membership (ie clubs and their members) aren't aware.

Insurance is perhaps the one ring that binds us, and if we are the customer then we should be able to get what we want considering the numbers involved. Perhaps if there was another insurer on the scene then things may change.
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