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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
This thread I find interesting.

Looking at the Quarry pics I commented that there were some interesting kneeling positions. I commented thus because I was jealous of the flexibility demonstrated

I feel there are a couple of points worthy of consideration.

1. If the kneeler/stander is unsupported then nothing adjacent should be used. The intention has to be that the shot is unsupported. As is stated on the position. The course set up also states "Unsupported".

2. The rules state that there should be no support forward of the wrist.

This surely means that there should be no support used, regardless of whether the peg is high or there is support available nearby.

These points have all ready been mentioned and been responded to.

With regards to point 1 the official response is " As long as some part of you or your rifle is touching the peg & the trigger is behind the peg/firing line you can rest on anything, this includes the top of the peg or any other near by object."

With regards to point 2 the official response is "The rule you quote **** is a description of the standard kneeling position & deals with the position of the hand in relation to the knee for an unsupported kneeler, in other words it stops the shooter resting the back of the hand on the kneecap." IE: if the shooter cant/does not want to use available support this rule stops them resting the back of there hand on there kneecap

This is of course based on UKAHFT rules/regulations.

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