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There is a solution to this you just need big balls that is all.
1 we devise a set of sensible rules.
2 we hope Andy Kayes buys into this (He is quite sensible well as a norwegian english man can be be) this will start the ball rolling.
3 Any country that wants to fall in can the rest can get (well i think you get the idea)
4 we create a list of dates and countries can submit an intrest in that year proviing they can adear to the rules IE course setting suitable accomodation and legal requirments to get said people's guns into that country.
5 After the above we tell anyone that do not want to play to( AS ABOVE).
With all the above at least you will know what you are going to get when you are going abroad to shoot the worlds, as for Italy not a bad attempt a few issues some i thought a bit crap a few down right stupid and dangerous.

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