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Default The right RS, the wrong Gun!!

Had a fair days testing Wednesday.

wind was up so it made the results a bit more "open" but it was not overly windy that something could not be learned.

Thus, first set the Rev up with Express, just to check the dialings really as i have not really shot it since Italy. It was shooting 4 clicks high but little else changed with express.

so, express sorted, onto RS and falcon.

i have a couple of tins of Falcon pellets here that have been tested in the NJR previuosly.

Shot groups at 40 m and 50m.


The Italy Rs were spot on for dialings, though the spread in height was quite a bit. 18ml at 50m 14 ml at 40 m. Was not worried about L - R as the slight wind was in charge of that.

Then shot the Irish Rs, sized to 4.50.
Both 40 and 50 m produced tight groups, 9mm. Wind spread it out a bit but height wise spot on, very accurate. Better than my Super Italian RS pellets lol!

Falcon tin 2 , disaster straight from tin, but sized to 4.50 and it was 10ml at 40m, 13 ml at 50 m.

falcon tin 1 again no good out of tin, well, 19ml at 50m and 17 ml at 40m. sized however and 50m = 10ml, 40 m = 11ml!

So, both tins of falcon nearly as good as Rs when sized.
Interesting in that Falcon are deep holes as per Italy Rs as apposed to the flatter hole in Irish Rs.

The Intershoot /Irish RS dropped by 6 clicks at 50m, which is what i had noticed sunday at ETL. Dialied in the 6 clicks and 40 m came in on "12" as it should.

So, conclusion, best of the four was either tin of Falcon sized to 4.50 or the Irish Rs sized to 4.50.

worst were the Italy Rs, the pellets that have helped p[roduce some top results in my last three shoots.

That iether means i swap pellets and get even better, or there was more luck over the last three shoots that i realised.

Probably going to keep the Italy Rs for the Priest as its been working. Think i have sourced some more of the same batch, enough to go through 2012?

Will pick up a new tin of falcon locally Friday and test those, plus check express.

The results with Rev were somewhat unexpected.

I have always thaught the Priest was a better gun with Express than Rev.
However, the REV seems to really like the RS / Falcon

Falcon Tin 1 striaght from tin or sized 4.50, results were same.
50m - 13ml, 40m 8mm

falcon tin 2
straight from tin 50 m 17mm, 40 m 7mm

sized 4.50 50 m - 22ml! 40 ml 11mm - Not so good?

Irish Rs
40m - 8mm, 50 m 11mm

Italy RS 40m 1 hole. 4.5ml, 50 m 11mm

So it seems the Italy Rs i want to keep should infact be used in the REV!R

so there, a day of results that did nothing but confuse the issuere really.

Dialing clicks in Rev were very simular for Irish Rs and Express, so could almost swap between then.

For now, think its best to stick with Italy Rs in Priest, as has been and try Irish Rs in REV.

will try the Italy Rs in REV as cant remember if clicks are flatterr , as it is in Priest?


so, next test day likley to be saturday due to rain friday.

1 /Set up Priest with Express.

2/ Try new tin of falcon in both guns?

3/ Try the Italy Rs in REv again, if still super shoot them sunday at harriers?
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