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WFTF rules are basically 12ft/lb, 150 knock down targets over 3 days (it could be 2 days), with 2 or 3 targets per lane. Any clothing may be worn. 3 mins per lane.

NO reference to any of the following;

minimum or maximum target distance
minimum or maximum killzone size
minimum or maximum % reduced killzone targets
minimum size of killzone permitted to be used in both compulsory disciplines
minimum or maximum number of compulsory disciplines to be used per course
acceptable target colours

A start would be to agree a common format on the above, nothing rigid as each countries take on things is what make the sport what it is and variety is the spice of life, however...

as I say, 7mm kills all standing on 45 pink polka dotted orange targets all at 50m, the other 5 targets sitting at 85m. An entirely possible and acceptable format for a worlds competition.

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