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Originally Posted by TREV RYN View Post
here a little thought to get the minds ticking over , may be we should do it like the olympics when the worlds is over then we open the bidding from the countries wanting to hold the next one, in there bid there must be details of everything required , venue , hotels , airports , all so course formats, i think we all know whats required , plus a deposit say for example 800 , if its not up to scratch then bang go your deposit,

just food for thought luvs,
Hi Trev

just another thought.......................

It costs about 800 for a shooter to take part in a Worlds.....give or take.(depending on where it is.sometimes a lot more!)
Make it 8,000 and maybe we might start getting somewhere.
Like a decent course to shoot on all 3 days
Like some nice trophies?
Like an agreed International / worldwide set of rules.

We can't yet agree our own rules for the GP season.

Ranting finished

as I say, just a thought

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