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Default The way forward.

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Agree with this in part but one question about the bond, how would England produce this bond, EFTA doesn't really exist, well not like other world bodies. Does EFTA have money to put up for a bond or would it have to loan it off the BFTA - hasn't this happened before? Where do you stand on countries loaning money to put up the money for the bond?

Who is the world federation? How does it exist, who chairs it, etc? Maybe it's time to push for this part to be better managed - as in previous years it was goverened by whomever was holding the world champs at the time.

With regards who can shoot the world champs maybe it's time to look at getting a ranked system in place, nominate 11 shoots, must have a minimum of 60 shooters competing to be classed as a ranked shoot, winner of the shoot gets one point for everybody they beat, end of season the top eight from each country gets invited to shoot at the world champs, if people drop out then countries can invite another and so on.

Whilst were on the subject can we have a true European championships as well??

Just a few thoughts.

Hi Matt, re the bond. This is only an idea, but I was thinking of a sum of approx. 800-00 . I cant think that this amount of money would create a problem .just sufficient to stop all this messing about with Countries dropping out.
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