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Default The way forward.

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
If people want action, then the best thing is to get onto their EFTA reps... each region has one or two. They've been set up for at least a couple of years.

The EFTA has continually pushed for a core set of rules. It is in the midst, but as other NGB's have notices, progress seems to have been slow. The management committee has been kept abreast of every move.

If people are interested enough to voice their opinion, perhaps they should be the ones that should be on the management committtee... that way the EFTA might get a little more response than "thanks for the email" from 1-2 regions when it issues topics for debate.

Perhaps those from the other UK RGB's should also check with their reps as to their responses...
Hi Rob, how long has the EFTA been pushing for a core set of rules,and what progress has been made.
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