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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
1. Hungary 2010
2. Belgium Guess they did not want it or could not hold it
3. Italy 2011
4. Lithuania
5. Germany
6. Malta
7. Netherlands
8. New Zealand guess 9 comes before 8 in some other langauge(2013
9. Norway as above 8 after 9 (2012)
10. Portugal Who th F**K knows
11. Russia
12. Scotland
13. Spain
14. Wales
15. England
16. Poland
17. USA
18. Northern Ireland
19. Canada
20. Brazil
21. South Africa
22. Austria
23. Greece

This s the list the south africans proposed after Ireland 2008
That's the same one i have Steve. The way i understood it was that the next few on the list after Hungary either couldn't hold it due to their own firearms laws or weren't ready, it fell as far as New zealand who said they could hold it but would need an extra years notice so it then fell to Norway...who said yes.
What's unknown is what happens to the ones who were next in line but backed out, when do they next get a chance, where on the list do they fall to. I wasn't really bothered about attending in Lithuania but really excited about Germany and Malta. Also by missing out this time i'm now even more determined to get to Norway as i can't see me going to NZ, after that, like you said "Who the f... knows"
It's not just the country that's next in line who wants to know early, some of the participants would like to be able to plan ahead too.
As for Wales Doz, i've never shot there so when they do get a bite of the apple i want to shoot in Wales, not at Weston park.
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