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Your reps are as follows;

CSFTA Lyndeen Calvert
FFTA Elizabeth Moy
MFTA Neale Marklew
NEFTA Jonathan Noon & Trevor Ryan
NWFTA Steve Hughes & Carl Knapper
SWEFTA Chris Jones
SEFTA Jon Walker

Chairman Mick Woodhead
Secretary Rob Farnworth
Treasurer Lyndeen Calvert

All were CC'd in and consulted on the core rules proposals sent out over the summer.

There is no EFTA AGM as such, as without any action there is little to report, so updates have been sent to the management committee as and when something happens.

But, if the committee wish to hold one then...

It used to be that it was held 10 mins before the BFTA meeting, but that's proved difficult as the 3 officers had a 6-8 round trip, and the management committee weren't always there.

There's no reason it can't be done via email, or at a national shoot, where hopefully most could attend.

Please consider though that reps need to have their communications answered by clubs in order to respond... and we all know that doesn't happen like it should...
BFTA/NSRA County Coach
CSFTA Chairman/BFTA Rep
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