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Default The Worlds.

Originally Posted by IAN TAYLOR View Post
The World FT Champion Ship is becoming a joke, every country puts there own twist of what they think FT should be. To get a set of rules is not rocket sience, lets start the list Colours to be used for targets Yellow, Black, White, with these three colours you cover all situations of light and dark areas. Gone are the days if you can book early your in with 225 places available things have got to change in England we should be looking at having the first two BFTA shoots as qualifiers for the Worlds. To host a World Champion Ship a country should stick to the rules put in place, have enough room to put 225 shooters out at the same time, have plenty of parking, toilets, refreshments and hotels close by if they cant do this they should not be holding the Worlds.
Well said Ian. This farce has been on it's way since 2006.
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