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Well, i'm two sessions down six to go... Just started to feel a little better at the beginning of this week but still a bit rough, still getting pins and needles, bit sickly feeling on and off, still wobbly on me legs and daren't let my body get cold. Just sitting here for the last ten minutes is getting increasingly hard to do so i won't be long before i'm back on the sofa with the quilt over me.
Still, at least i'm feeling better at this time in my three week stint that at the same point last time, so that has to be a positive.
What wasn't was the reaction i had last tuesday when they pumped the second dose of chemo in to me at the hospital, the doc came round to chat to me and as i was talking to him my throat went into the choking spasms because of me taking in the cooler air...within seconds there were four nurses dragging the screens around me, putting heated pads around my throat and onto my back along with the one that was already wrapped around my arm where the needle was . Gave Di a bit of a fright!
It was strange, i must have looked like i was gasping for breath and unable to breath but i could, because they had briefed me on how it would feel i was calm and collected in my head but my body went mental.
Apparently this reaction is not uncommon and could get worse as things progress so they are going to have to make some alteration to the treatment as far as i can see, the weather is only gonna get colder between now and february when i finish and if it's expected to have an increasingly bad effect on me then they have to do something.
I don't want to have to stop with the injections as it is going to give me a slightly better chance of recovery, but against that i have to be able to cope with it too.
I could just stick with the chemo tablets as this option was given to me at the start, and i know other patients have had their dosage altered as they have gone on with the chemo, but i want to strike a happy medium. I know it's gonna make me ill, i never imagined that it wouldn't but i don't want to find myself confined to the house for the next five months or worse still, be out with Di somewhere and go into one of the choking fits, i don't think she could handle that. So, more questions when i go see them again.
Now then, enough of that crap. I don't think i'm going to get much competiton shooting done over the winter, i wasn't expecting to but this having to avoid the cold thing is really gonna scupper that. Even when i feel upto shooting, if it's especially cold out i might have to give it a miss, can we have the NEFTA winter league indoors please?
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