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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
That does not get my vote Doz, was hoping not to have to book hotels when the worlds is in Wales!

there are plety of Western park type venues in Wales, Margam park potentially would be a great venue. I am sure there are others.
Norway is oversubscribed with 150 shooters. That's with 8 or so from Wales, Scotland and England... imagine what the demand will be on home turf!

I'm sure if you end up marshalling they'd cough for the expenses ... bear in mind that unless someone comes up with something bright, you won't be getting more than a handful of shooters from each country. The rush that the EFTA saw for the team could be something we have to get used to. Of course, the EFTA is only directed by the chair, if the management committee want something different, that's what will happen. I could suggest that perhaps that some of the more active opinions could perhaps look to see if they would like to be on that, or perhaps pass them through the committee

We need to find a solution to 300 shooters really. The best one I've heard is make it a 4 day event with 4 courses. That gives us 300 shooters, potentially if done right, 330. But you need the ground to be able to do it, take the cars, and all the other trimmings.

3 mins a lane was running into 6 hours on day one, so the timing needs to be dropped to get it down to something decent, but even then, i don't think it will be popular to have two sessions per day. You can't pile 4 on a lane, that will take even longer, probably 8 hours (pro-rata to 3 shooters taking 6)... so to get up from 225 to get the 30 countries in, you need another day. 4 intermingled courses, 2 mins per lane, 330 shooters including stand in lanes. Gonna take some time to put that together so it needs to be a venue that will allow that work in the weeks ahead, plus can supply electric, parking, food and water holes for 300. Some field somewhere it no longer aint.
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