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In response to my April requests for 2012 Worlds hosts, quite a number of RGB’s had to withdraw as a result of the stringent shooting laws in their countries. The WFTF regrets this trend, and we share our empathy with the RGB’s affected.

In the end we were grateful to receive a thumbs up from Norway for hosting the 2012 event – Andy Kays however added that all RGB’s need to be aware of the time and space constraints in Norway. There will be a morning and an afternoon match each day (constituting the same competition) and only 150 entries in total can as a result be accepted.

As far as the 2013 Worlds is concerned, New Zealand have provisionally agreed to host the event. Adam advised us that the New Zealand authorities required all participants entering the country, to have passed a prescribed firearms safety course. The details of this training will be disseminated to all concerned at a later stage.

We thank Norway and New Zealand for their offers, and trust that all RGB’s can now advise their members about the countries where the next two years’ Worlds events will be hosted.

Kind regards,

Johan Jansen

Chairman: SAFTAA

President: WFTF
and the reply to our enquiry as to the reasons given


The top six countries on our Rotation list responded as follows:

Lithuania – not ready to host 2012, requested to be moved down three places on the list;

Germany – experiencing legal restrictions, requested to be moved down three places on the list;

Malta – In discussions with their Ministry of Sport, requested to be moved down three places on the list;

Netherlands - not ready to host 2012, requested to be moved down three places on the list;

New Zealand – undertook to host 2013 Worlds, not ready for 2012 (shooting training course requirements);

Norway – agreed to host 2012 Worlds (with limitation of only 150 entries & two sessions shooting per day).

In all it would appear that most RGB’s approached would like to host Worlds events, but are just not in a position to do so next year, due to differing reasons.
Unfortunately the WFTF as a whole were not consulted on the discussions.

The EFTA has repeatedly requested the updated list.

Perhaps other country reps need to ask similar questions.

I would say though that a host needs to think very carefully about maintaining the momentum and working on existing strengths... numbers in excess of 250 need to be thought about, and it would appear that Hungary with it's central located 'shoot' hotel was very popular.

It would appear that apart from Spain, it's in the UK for 3/4 years, with a break for a couple and then back again. I'm sure neighbouring UK countries would be interested in making the event the best for all those who wish to attend. Apart from the venue, I reckon the biggest problem could be in trying to keep the event to only 300 shooters. Italy was over 210, Norway is oversubscribed and looks like it could break 200. I wonder how many UK shooters alone would like to attend it in the UK, let alone from abroad.
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