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Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
Alan - according to the results I had sent from Thorn Dell there were no recoiling shooters. The class exists but no one has put a score in yet so not displayed.

I will check your grade when I get on a computer tomorrow (currently on my phone)

Can you post up full names so I can check


Hi Dave,

Cheers for that,my name is Alan Ford and I had several scores last season recorded, certainly more than 3, I was put in to A grade after 3 shoots then moved to B grade according to the BFTA web site.

I did intend shooting in the springer class but did not get the rifle sorted in time I know Ivan Marsden and John Greaves both shot in the springer class, not sure if there were any others. I am hoping to shoot the springer at some point in the season though

I am not critiisicing the lads n lasses that do the booking in, they have my complete support as they do a fantastic job


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