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Default NEFTA grading question

Quick question for the head honcho's in NEFTA about gradings as a newbie to this FT lark..

Winter league rules state:

Grading will be taken from the National grading list that is current at the first shoot of the season and these grades will hold for the whole seasons competition. The Recoiling class is un-graded. Any shooter who doesn't have a national grade at the start of the season will be given a grade after three scores have been recorded.

Are the national grades that are referred to those shown on the BFTA site?

Just that I am shown with a grade on there but as ungraded on the NEFTA listing. I had just assumed that the BFTA grading lists for all of the clubs were the "National" lists??

Is the reality that unless already having shot within NEFTA and having a previous grade, it's always a first 3 scores and work from there job?

If somebody could explain for an idiot that would be great
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