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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
What a great day at ETL and the Essex 50. The ground is truly stunning and everyone I met was extremely friendly and helpful.

As some of you may know, this was my first ever FT competition and I am sure it wont be my last, I came to the Essex 50 with a per-concived idea that FT was a bit too serious for me. I was however, pleasantly surprised to see that there was a fair amount of banta going around and the mentality of the shooters seemed very similar to those in HFT.

The thing that I found most difficult though, was the timing aspect. Within HFT, we have 2 minutes to fire a single shot, however, in FT, you still have two minutes, but you have to fire two shots. The problem I had though, was rushing the so called easy first shot, to enable me to give more time on the second. Time management in FT appears to be a skill that I will have to learn.

The big Niko with the Tupperware side-wheel was easy to use and for 95% of the course I was within 2 yards of Steve Lanyman for range finding. The seating position was a bit hard to master and my hips are killing me this morning and I was walking funny all last night.

I was great to meet a few keyboard legends, Holly, NJR and Kilty to name but a few, also Steve Lanyman deserves a huge thank you for showing me the ropes and agreeing to travel round the course with me. I hope I didn't drag you down Steve.

Finally a huge well done to Craig, for winning the glass man.

See you all at the Europeans next year

I should say the the SEFTA region is well known for it's banter . specially in the winter league . no quarter is asked or given . even to team mates . you might have heard the mob sending cliffy on his way down the hill after missing both the standers there . to be fair ( why ) there are no hills at bisley to practice them on . what made me laugh like a drain was that old croucher who joined in to put the boot in . did exactly the same and missed em both . as i said before , give us a shout and come on down to springfield when you can and we will run you through FT from A to B . HOLLY
PS timing is easily learnt one you know how to manage it .
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