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Default The wrong RS?

Tried the New batch (39) of Rs yesterday on ETL zero range.

accuracey wise they were fine, but at 55 yards they were dropping what looked like miles!

Probably about 20-30 ml.

Same thing happened with batch 36 Express, they dropped further than dai 35 when tested a few months / last year? Ago.

So, will try the opend Dai 39 RS tin with REV and further with Priest this week but otherwise its 9 tins of RS going cheap and the search continues for dai 34 RS!

Etl was great, really love the set up there. After deciding on the Zero range that it was Dai 34 Rs that would be flung down range had the pleasure of shooting with young Judit Varkonyi.
I think he set up was suffering with cross over but once we worked that out she shot well enough and was happy with her score.
Course was fairly simular to gp two years ago and just as enjoyable. Not much wind, edge was all i gave but the way te course switched direction meant you were always thinking about every target. Edge for one, middle for other. Swap edges next lane! 6 kneelers, 4 standes and 3 x 15 ml plus a good selection of 25ml.

Missed 3, one was a 46m shot that split 6 oclock. We were on the clock at 2 minutes but I guess the target was a bit further?
Did strike me today that it will have to be no 1 Luep for timed shoots?

One was a low shoot simualr to Farcoley last week. Got the wind spot on, gave left edge but pellet struck at 1/4 to 1/2 inch below 6. This on 47m setting. Only thing I can hope was i was talking at the time and may have missed the shark fin not re-setting. that was first miss after about 24 shots?

may need to put a ful charge through Priest on Chrono to check?

Was like a cock on the second stander lane, steepish downhill, but 20m. Should have nailed it all day long but pulled to 4 oclock edge. Cock shot.
Hit the 27m downhiller!

Was pleased with the two long kneelers, they were good targets.

Young Craig McDonald was the winner on 48. However, there was a young Mr.Wood on 47 too. his new Pellets (not so secret Exacts) worked well too, but again he had been Cock on a kneeler.

So shoot off.

Sat on his arse Woody wanted to start sitting, targets 50Y and 38 ish y. No point with no wind so i insisted we went Kneelers first thinking it would go to standers.
Old Wobbly Woody had other plans though. I was watching the end of his barrel on the first shot, the 50Yarder. I nearly fell over with dizziness it was going round the kill so much lol. Poor old Woody, he knew he should have turned the mag down but went for it and missed. He hit the second one.

i was not too steady mysellf but was moving inside the kill so flattened it. Closer target was fairly straight forward.
Nothing in it though and great news from a Great chap. Must shoot TOGETHER soon Woody!

Pleased to come home with this as i only went to shot the Course and catch up with old friends.

Suppose I better mention DARTH GARTH, my apprentice. (Former Jellyfish??)

It was his 16 Birthday saturday so he was in top spirits. He started well, but missed a 15 ml again. He did put in a good run however and scored well. Think he missed one or two kneelers and one stander? He finished on 40 which was good going and took 2nd place in b class, indeed he would have been in a shoot off for 3rd in A class! However, the hardest tartget to me at Etl is that long one way up in the tree. Open to as much wind as there is! Target 49.

Now DARTH GARTH is getting better each month, so much so that he decided that he could hit it from the even harder shooting position from lane 24, as apposed to 25.

so, 47, hit,
48 - not important so he did not bother with that
49 - (from wrong lane) cracking shot down it goes! 0 !!

Fair play he then hit 49 from the right firing point, but missed the 27 m 25 ml kill lol

Top youngsters on the Zero range

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