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Question Don't take the mick !!!

Hi all

Yesterday I failed to see the killzone on a close full sized target placed in between two trees tight to the KZ Although the target was close it was splattered to buggery and was difficult to see - my shooting partner couldn't make out the KZ either and his eyes are 30 years younger than mine !

Anyway I don't want to reparallax my bushnell as I like it how it is but would I be allowed to use a monocular or anything to view closer targets as this clearly cost me another gold , I'm not on about a lazer rangefinding scope with corzak etc but would like to shoot equal to my counterparts with 20/20 vision .................

Failing this I will blow a whistle and ask a marshall to re paint the target so I can see it or ask him to take the shot for me . lol

BTW , the bushnell blurs nicely at 12 yards and is clear at 13 which is very helpful on close reducers but on this occasion it was about as much use as a chocolate teapot .

C'mon you lot , humour me


PS : Atleast I didn't donut the stander Stevie boy !
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