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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
This idea has been brought up in NEFTA meetings every now & then for the last 10 years or so .

I'd like to see a big ( something to look forward too ) shoot every month / 5 weeks .That would give everyone the chance to put a bit more time in back at their clubs , which can only make the sport stronger in my opinion . Also a few brownie points could be harvested as family time would be more frequent .

We have the bfta / inters in april . Nefta classic in may . possible return of the anglo to take into consideration as weekend shoots . Thats 3 monthly weekend shoot out of a 6 - 7 month national calendar , so ..... would it be worth thinking about dropping gp's to 6 or 7 rounds ?

Off topic slightly . Would there be any interest in a buffet meal on the saturday night of the classic ? This is something that i look forward too when shooting abroad & brings us all together socially . Trev ryan & some of the emley gang are trying one out on their xmas do & is reporting back as to what it'll be like for the classic weekend .. Its an indian restaurant & costs about a tenner plus drinks & if it comes off could be incorporated into the shoot entry fee if enough interest is shown ...

Soz to divert slightly , but maybe an ideal chance to see how the weekend shoot get togethers would go !

Thanks , calps .
6-7 gps would leave some regions out which could make traveling worse, or leave gaps, but if it can be squeezed into 6-7 weekends and still have 9, that sounds good to me. Agreed about being able to feedback into the local scene. Shooting the Swefta summer series and the opens and the gps has seen me n H shooting probably every single weekend save 1-2 since kick off at the inters... going at it like that you don't get much time to work off the pitch or put back much into the club.

Meal at the nefta would be awesome...
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