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Default to lube or not, dont matter as long as its clean?

Popped to tondu today, just to check once more that i have actually been using Rs and they work.

indeed they do. Grouped superbly at 45 + 50m so went round the top half of the practice courtse, the windy bit.

Got a quick feel for the wind and was impressed to hit the 52 y up on the windy bank, which normally is a 2 from 5 hit ratio. today was hit after hit!
Finished the course and after a cuppa went on the boards again.
bugger, grouping like a shotgun, 3 in one hole two on mystery trip.

sure sign of barrel needs a clean.

managed to get three wet strips down the barrel but could not get dry strips down to, dry off.

Went back to grouping but using the last 50 or Rs from sundays batch but with a couple of small drops of pellet lube.

Mixed results, could be pellet on pellet but all of a sudden one drops low / high, ala express!

think i over lubed the pellets. so will clean barrel again, size 170 pellets and this time just a single drop of lube.

Cant see any way accuracy can improve and not heard anyone say lube has meant less wind! about the only real benifit will be less time between barrel cleans?

however, think that will wait till a test session next week. will just give the barrel a good clean and used sized but not lubed pellets for sunday.
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