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Hi Eddie,

Received email on 8th August 2011:

" ...Forgot to mention price; 535 for laminate ---545 for walnut.

the only colour at this time is the green that you see, or a no-slip-grip black

I have a walnut available now and should have a laminate in a week or so. ....."

USD$535 = GBP340 (Spot FX)
USD$545 = GBP347 (Spot FX)

Add 2.00% if he takes PayPal
Add GBP20 for Bank to Bank if done by Wire Transfer
Your UK Bank will shaft you and give you a crappy exchange rate , so GBP340 might be 370 or 380 ?
Then, add P&P on his side ...anywhere from USD$50 to USD$100 (GBP 30 to GBP60)
Then add UK Custom & Vat - around 30% (of USD$ declared value gun = GBP100+)

So, by time stock its is in your hands, count all in - 500 quid.

Check out these guys, as another option , in Italy -


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