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Default Venom Expert required

Before putting up my venom 77 "ultraglide" for sale I want to be sure it is actually an Ultraglide ( No paperwork). So I stripped it so I could describe the internals in the hope some enlightened expert could confirm or deny what i was told it was :_
So here goes:
1. Spring guide seems to be attached to the trigger block ( i didnt try and force it) looks like steel
2. Piston sleeve seems to be made of stainless and runs on what looks like white ptfe round inserts
3. piston is ally and also runs on round ptfe inserts, piston seal is white.
4 . Inside the piston sleeve there are grooves up to the transfer port looking like this /|\ with the transfer port at the top.

The thing is silky smooth and all welds look to have been smoothed down before gun was blacked

Thanks in advance
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