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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
i cant help but think your not taking this serious

Still,if it works for you.

I can assure you, I am taking it very seriously, The mods have all been applied to make the gun more stable for me.

I needed extra height on the hamster to make the sitting position more comfortable, the original side-wheel for the Niko, was to small to give me a wide enough spread to range find with and I had the old lid lying around. It actually works very well. I could not afford a Gemini but hook and considering the butt plate on my HFT gun is made from two B&Q coat hooks, I decided to modify a wall bracket, it looks rubbish but it does the job very well and the cheek piece is the same knee support that I have been using on my hft gun for the last three years.

All of these mods are designed to make the gun fit me, and if I persist with FT, they will gradually bee replaced with bespoke kit, but for the time being they are a cheap but effective alternative. Although, they will not appear in the finished article


PS, Holly, thanks for the offer, but unfortunately I have to work on Saturday, but can you please chuck something at me on Sunday, so I know who you are
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