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Default RN10 barrel length

Hi Guys,
Some advice needed.
Have recently purchased an RN10 as a back up gun to my EV2 Mk2.
The EV2 fitted with an Anschutz 4765 butt hook is 45 inches long from barrel end to butt hook end.
The RN10 fitted with an Anschutz 4765 butt hook is 48 1/2 inches long from barrel end to butt hook end.
I have 2 Gunguard rifle cases .
The EV2 fits in with around 2 inches to spare.
The RN10 with the butt hook fitted is around 3 inches to long.
It will fit if i remove the bottom arm from the butt hook.But this is a pain every time.
The barrel length of the RN10 is around 3 inches longer than the EV2.
I have removed the shroud from the RN10 and it would be quite easy to remove 3 inches from the loading end and re-drill the 2 holes for the 2 grub screws to fit back in to secure the shroud.
I have also removed the barrel and had a good look at it.
At the air stripper end there is an "0" ring set in a small groove.
This is to ensure the barrel is a good fit in the outer shroud.
I dont think there would be a problem re-cutting this groove for the "0" ring.
Here comes the big question is there any problems of removing approx 3 inches from the end of the barrel.
I have a small workshop with lathes etc.
Before i attemp the above has anyone got any thoughts ?
Or would it be better to see if i could purchase a shorter barrel and shroud.
Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.
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