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Originally Posted by alan-aitch View Post
It also says course builders should allow for shooters that suffer from coulour blindness

Anyway, I don't want Andy to take a bullet for me, I asked him to speak to CSFTA clubs about not using red or red derivitive colours, I struggle with them and I'm not the only one.

Alan, I can only apologise for not reading your email before the shoot with regards the red colour.
Andy, my fault for believing I read the faceplates should be of contrasting colours. The yellow I was expecting to be a mustard yellow as per the lid and not the bright colour it actually was

We learn from our mistakes so myself and the club have learnt from the errors we made.

Should have saved the grey for the squirrels.
We do spend some enjoyable moments watching out local Red squirrels and woodpeckers running around in the copse. Our resident Red squirrel was in the trees whislt we were shooting.
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