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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
if you do not care about the score then why keep count? On Sunday I am attending ETL and even though I have had very little time with my kit and I really do not have a clue what I am doing, I will be doing my best to win.

9 years ago when I was doing martial arts, I was fighting in a round robin competition, in my first round I was drawn against the European champion. I had no chance of beating him as I was just a club fighter. However, in the first round he dropped his guard and i managed to kick him in the face for a point. (He then pulverized me) but this is the attitude every competition shooter should have, never give up, never back down and fight for every point.
What i was trying to say is, as this is your first FT comp, you have no other's to compare it to, no previous scores, no experiences in FT.
Of course every serious competition shooter cares what they score, but if you focus on that you'll miss something else, usually the targets.
I've been there believe me. Done it all from the begining almost.
Taking the attitude that you have no chance of beating someone is also not the way the serious competition shooter should think, you have to believe you can win, the never give up bit is right, but to go into anything with doubt in your mind cannot happen.
Last year at the FT world's i experienced the best state of mind i have ever been in while shooting a comp, completely relaxed and expecting nothing but to enjoy the experience and i shot all the better for it. Yes, as the competiton went on and i was doing well i did start to think about my score but it cannot cloud your mind.
I hope you enjoy the experience.
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