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Originally Posted by loopyloo View Post
Your meant to be aiming to hit all 50 whether your C or AA

Its exactly as jamesy has said go out there to learn how to use your kit and the sitting position isnt easy.

Have you done any practising not off the bench but sitting ,ranging shooting are you hitting them in none competition.Because if your not hitting them then your sure not going to with competition nerves and worries

Most of all have fun your not going to at this rate as your mind will be elsewhere.

good luck

Hitting 50 would be great, but I think there is more chance of me hitting 5

The gun and scope were only really joined together today for the first time, I have spent the day modifying the rifle. It now has a large side whee fitted to the scope (old 170mm Tupperware lid) and I have made a butt hook out of a old wall bracket. The hamster has been been deepened so that it is 190mm from the base to the center of the barrel.

I have marked the wheel up for all the ranges from 8 - 55 yards using the colour system and tomorrow I will start to learn how to dial in. I spent half an hour today in the sitting position and I must admit my hip flexors are quite painful now.

I set out a target at 45 yards and in some heavy wind and on 20 mag I was killing it 8 times out of 10, tomorrow I will try 55. I am going to struggle with the standers, but the kneelers at 45 seemed OK.

As far as nerves are concerned, as I compete in the UKAHFT national series I am used to competitive shooting and they should be the least of my worries, however, if I start to crash and burn on Sunday, I will be worried about coming last

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