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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
As I am writing it up for Airgunner, I need a baseline for a comparison. What would you expect a complete novice to score in a 50 shot course and what would expect to see a seasoned C grade shooter to score?

With this info, I can state whether I did well or crashed and burned. I will enjoy the course no matter what, but I am going there to compete and do the best I can.

I know this is to be for a magazine article but you're going about it the wrong way, expecting a figure to come away with is not the way to go or what competition shooting is all about, especially for the novice. There is just too many variables to even think about what someone might be expected to score, if you want to compare anything, compare what it's like for a seasoned HFT shooter to try FT for the first time, compare what you expect it to be like and what you thought of it afterwards.
If you go into it expecting a 30 ex 50 or a 35 or a 40 or whatever you will be more focussed on that and miss what it's really all about, enjoying being out with an airgun in the company of like minded individuals...exactly the same as HFT.
Seriously, you'll enjoy it a helluva lot more and shoot better for it if you don't concentrate on what you should score. Then next time you can compare.
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