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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
As I am writing it up for Airgunner, I need a baseline for a comparison. What would you expect a complete novice to score in a 50 shot course and what would expect to see a seasoned C grade shooter to score?

With this info, I can state whether I did well or crashed and burned. I will enjoy the course no matter what, but I am going there to compete and do the best I can.

We took a new Ft shooter to his first gp this year Gary.

It was Iceni.

Now the chap has good kit, Big Nikko, s400 + exacts. Given this was the only shoot i have ever done where there weas no need to come out of kill, he should have scored well. However, i think out of the first 38 targets he only hit 11. He then went back to zero range to find himself a turn out.
Really, i would have expected him to have scored 30 +

Truth be told, you wont know till the day as it will depend on the wind.
If i attend, its likley I will have a jellyfish with me. He has just dome his first Gp season in c grade and now is in B. Windy and i would expect him to score 25 - 35. no wind and it should be 30 -40?
I donty tell him that though lol.
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