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Originally Posted by Son of HotShot View Post
The best advice i give to anyone when it comes to anything involving competition, especially when they are starting something new, is that they should at first try to compete with themselves as they are learning.

As its your first FT shoot you will have no basis for comparison, so my advice is to go out without expecting anything, be happy with the score you get, try and think how you could have shot better, and then try and aim for a better percentage next time in similar conditions.

As I am writing it up for Airgunner, I need a baseline for a comparison. What would you expect a complete novice to score in a 50 shot course and what would expect to see a seasoned C grade shooter to score?

With this info, I can state whether I did well or crashed and burned. I will enjoy the course no matter what, but I am going there to compete and do the best I can.

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