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Wink Depends..

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I take it you will be travelling to the Gps next year then?
Suppose it all depends on if my dad is doing them next year and what i'm doing at the time. It would be nice to qualify for the showdown, i've only been once back when i was 15..had to shoot with Mr Calpin after a few rounds and ended up getting him into a shootoff. It still took him a good 6 or 7 targets to beat me then

But yeah, i would like to shoot some next year. The winter league will be fun but it will be very relaxed shooting without reducers or time restraints to targets.I am actually hoping i can qualify for the Inter-Regional Team. I like competitive shooting; i enjoyed the Combined Clubs Cup Challenge we just did last weekend, that had a 1 minute for two targets format and it was a great experience.

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