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Default CSFTA WL Round 1 - Carisbrooke

CSFTA Winter League Round 1 – Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight.

First round for the Winter League started on the Isle of Wight at Carisbrooke’s ground. With a mixture of copse, open field and a wind that came out to play as well the day was set to be interesting.

The club had laid the course out so the targets in a semi-circle which started in the copse and then working round in an anti-clockwise direction the until the last 4 lanes which were in the field. Targets placed high and low with the wind flowing through open sections and along banks to tease the shooters who had to guess how much to give.

A standing lane to start with, not long targets but around the 25 and 30 yards range. The next few lanes had the wind in the same direction but ‘blocked’ in places by the natural foliage so it did swirl around on the longer ones. Lane 6 was 90 degrees from the previous lanes and the first kneeling lane. A just under maximum permissible target on the edge of the copse but up a steep bank on an upwards slope to start with.The second target a closer one but still uphill. The next 4 lanes were all uphill some using the bank and some not.
The Long kneeler

Lane 9 had the only maximum range target. Uphill and tunneled through the copse and placed in an open area.
The 55yder
The remaining lanes in the copse are now facing the opposite direction to the first lanes. Here the ground opens out a bit more, the targets placed a further away with a few higher ones to catch the wind. Target 31 was the only 15mm reducer, the other 3 being 25mm, and placed near the ground.
The 15mm

And then into the open field with the lanes curving slightly but in general pointing the same way as the last part of the copse. The first of the targets was also the bonus target, Carisbrooke made it interesting by having about 20feet in the air on top of a scaffold pole. The strings not really helping in deciding which way the wind was going as they blew both left and right in large arcs. The final standing lane out here meant you were buffeted by the gusts a bit more.
The long Stander

With the sun peeping out from the clouds occasionally and a breeze that gusted the day was a dry Winter shoot but I no doubt at least one of the others will be wet.

Results are up on the CSFTA website.
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