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Default RS & No27 might work after all

Popped to tondu saturday morning to set up the Priest with express.

Having done so in a mix of little / no wind to edge of kill or out, was happy to have the Express dialings ready for windy days.

Plan A.
Rs on windless shoots, express in the wind. Those dual pocket Pellet pouches off STB will be handy for that.

So, decided to put the Rs back through it down the zero range , as it was windy.

Plan C.

50 Tins of Express (possibly) for sale

The RS were tighter than the Express in the wind.
Yes, when they moved they went out of kill but at a consistant distance which just happened to be 1st mil dot.
Howver even in slight wind they were pellet on pellet (50m) where the express would have spread themselves across the kill?


hot tip to anyone going to farcoley. Its not in worcester.

as such, was down the beach collecting Jellyfish at 5am not 6am. Had a good run up though and was lucky to follow Dave Harrison into the ground.

Very nice ground, if a little windy.

Zero range was interesting. 25m - 50 boards all took same wind. First mil dot On the no 27 luep.

So to the course. Over the ponds i hit the first 6 targets with either edge of kill (target 1 & the duck) or 1st mill dot in center of kill which was roughly cross hair just off edge , maybe half inch off on long one up tree.

The long one across the pond, target 6 i was edge of kill for though as it seems sheltered being low down on the water
Saw the pellet drop just above 6.
Confirmed with other my rangefinding was ok (47m) and concluded water sucked the pellet down a bit?
May not have been the case?

anyway, got caught out by the kneelers as had no idea from shooting position how much wind they were in up in the woods.

This was my first trip to Farcoley and its real intension was to get a feel for the Mfta 2011 Gp course and test the Rs in "some wind"
There was "some" wind in the woods!

Once in the woods, first target was a Rat at i think 47 meters again, or close? ended up with cross hair on the nose which i think braught the 1st dot to edge of kill.
Loads more wind that i wanted to give but it was howling through L - R so i decided to be brave.
It worked.
Gave same wind for other target in lane despite it being somewhat close and indeed through the woods, it was 1st dot for most.
Stayed in / edge for the standers, the 15 mln and 25ml.
all others were well out of kill. Really enjoyed the 37m kneeler up the treel . Gave that about 2 inch off kill and watched the pellet sail smack into centre. I wanted 2 hits for that it was such a good shot (Lucky) but jellyfish was not having it. He was not friends with kneelers today. Or short 15 ml!

Did miss one long one in the woods. Split at 3 oclock. another pellet width of wind was needed.

Most "worrying" miss was the long one in the bowl, 1st lane second target. Hit the first target, straight in middle as wind was coming from behind, but seemingly going mostly over the targets which are some feet down in the bowl / hole
Ranged longer target at 47 m. Others said its closer to max? however, pellet should still drop in. Gave half inch off 9 and watched the pellet strike real low.. wind perfect, directly below 6.

Could it be that Rs are not that good on weight and a "heavey" 7.9g ish got in? Dont know, but shall be borrowing Arms Dealers scales to chaeck a batch.

May have been the problem with the sharks fin thingy i have on the Priest. Every now and again, it sticks towards the rear of the action as you cock and load. Double cock and it frees itself, but you have to spot it.
Think its attached to the Striker somehow.
John Os did waste several minutes of his life trying to explain top me (might as well talked direct to the gun) what happens, i said yes lots but all i really know is it robs about 20 - 30 fps if it is stuck back when you fire

May have been the cause. shall eliminate pellet weight queery first, them ask AA for a new mk 3 Block?

All in all it was aood day. Exactly the testing wind i wanted for the Rs, last week at Newbury was great for confirming in low wind these work well but i really did not expect the 26 in the wind. Would have been happy with 21+ at start as thats usually my MFTA region score !

So, just ordered another Batch off intershoot of RS. It does not say what batch number they are.
Will test as soon as they are here and if they are just as good, will bulk order more.

Then to test them lubed, then in the REV

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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